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Whether the sword accepts the holder is strictly up to the DM. In general, only brave and upstanding holders are accepted. Holders who have committed cowardly or selfish acts are rejected unless the holder has atoned for them in some way such as receiving an atonement spell or performing some heroic or selfless act that wipes away the taint of the character's previous actions. Should the blade reject the holder, the holder receives 1d6 negative levels.

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These never result in actual level loss, but if the number of negative levels exceed the holder's level, the holder dies. If the holder survives, negative levels from the sword cannot be overcome in any way including restoration spells while the character holds the sword. If the sword accepts the new holder, the holder loses 5, XP and the sword attunes itself to the new holder.

If the holder lacks sufficient experience points to pay this cost, she cannot claim or awaken the blade. A new rune appears on the blade, and the sword gains a new ability. A moonblade never accepts a new owner if characters attempt to pass it among themselves just to make it manifest new powers. A list of special abilities appropriate for moonblades appears below.

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The DM can pick one or generate it randomly. The elfshadow weapon special ability is known to exist only in moonblades. An elfshadow is an incorporeal creature, contained in a gem set in a moonblade , that resembles an elf.

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It has all the characteristics of an undead shadow, except that it has a neutral alignment and cannot be turned, rebuked, or controlled by clerics nor can anyone except the moonblade's wielder control it in any way. When called forth, the elfshadow can appear anywhere within feet of the moonblade wielder. Once called, the elfshadow can go anywhere on the same plane as the moonblade wielder. The wielder has complete control over the elfshadow , and controlling the creature is a free action for the wielder.

The elfshadow always acts on the moonblade wielder's turn. Caster Level : 15th.

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Weight: varies. This powerful item gives a spellcaster an additional spell slot at each spell level she can cast. She must have the rod in hand when she prepares her spells or readies her mind, if a bard or sorcerer and it must remain in her possession at all times. If she stops carrying the rod, any extra prepared spells go away and any extra spell slots provided by the rod vanish.

Spells already cast are unaffected. The rod can only add spell slots to one creature in any hour period. Although this version of the rod functions for spell levels 0 through 9, there are reputed to be lesser versions created by bards, paladins, and rangers that only affect levels of spells available to those classes. Caster Level : 17th.

Though many ancient elven ballads and epics mention Coronal Ynloeth and his mighty blades, the ultimate fate of the swords remains uncertain. It is known that the blades were wielded in several major battles of the Crown Wars, including the Battle of the Gods' Theater in , DR. If wielded simultaneously, they take on their full abilities as described above, and the wielder may unlock the blades' greatest power.

Once per year, the blades may be struck together in specific manner and shattered. The shards of the swords multiply into a storm of razor-sharp steel, which scours a foot-radius burst centered on the wielder, slaying any creature that fails a DC 30 Reflex save. Success indicates that the creature takes 13d6 points of damage instead. Unfortunately, this effect also slays the wielder of the shattering swords no save and destroys his body to the extent that a true resurrection spell is required to bring him back.

Strong transmutation; CL 20th; Weight 4 lb. These items look like sparkling jewels held in cages of elaborately plaited wire. They are, in fact, tiny areas of dead magic held in a magical lattice. When the shimmaryn touches a creature's bare flesh, the creature can will away all magical effects currently operating on it, just as though the creature had received a greater dispelling spell that is automatically successful.

Beneficial effects end along with any harmful ones.

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The user must be conscious to employ the effect. Alternatively, the user can choose to become immune to all spells, spell-like effects, and supernatural effects for 3 rounds. The wearer effectively has unbeatable spell resistance against, spells and spell-like effects and a similar immunity to supernatural effects.

A shimmaryn is safe to use only three times each day. Each additional use beyond the third per day permanently drains 1 point of Constitution from the user. Caster Level : 20th; Weight: -. Many mysterious civilizations have flourished in the Underdark over the centuries. A few, dedicated to the magic and majesty of the Realms Below, have left behind mighty examples of their work.

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Non-spellcasters who handle or read the book are unaffected. An arcane spellcaster who reads it takes 1 point of Intelligence drain and loses 1d6x1, experience points unless a DC 15 Will save is made. Except as indicated above, the writing in a book of perfect balance cannot be distinguished from that of any other magic book, libram, tome, or the like until perused. Once read, the book vanishes, never to be seen again. The same character cannot ever benefit from reading a second, similar tome. Strong transmutation; CL 19th; Weight 3 lb.

Source: Underdark. This fine metal gauntlet covers the back of the wearer's hand and forearm, attaching to the fingers by way of five silver rings and to the wrist by a fine silver bracelet. The claw has three functions: protection, attack, and creating undead. For the purpose of determining how many magic items a character can wear, the claw counts as one ring, one glove or gauntlet, and one bracer.

Thus, the wearer can still wear another ring, a single glove such as a glove of storing , and a single bracelet such as a bracelet of friends. The claw bestows one negative level on any creature wearing it that does not worship Kiaransalee. This negative level persists as long as the claw is worn and disappears when it is removed.

The negative level never results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way including restoration spells while the claw is worn. The wearer is automatically proficient with the claw. Finally, the claw of the revenancer allows the wearer to transform a corpse into an undead creature by touching it.

Three times per day, the wearer can create a revenant that serves the wearer of the claw even if that is not the person who created it instead of single-mindedly pursuing vengeance against its killer. Commanding the revenant to seek its killer frees it from the wearer's command forever. Once per tenday, the wearer can instead create a silveraith from the corpse of a creature that used magic in life.

This ability reflects the claw's intimate connection to Kiaransalee. The wearer of the claw cannot create a revenant and a silveraith on the same day. The undead-creation function of the claw uses the spell trigger activation method, so the wearer must have create greater undead on his or her spell list to use this ability.

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Caster Level : 20th; Weight: 1 lb. Source: Drow of the Underdark. The portal demolisher looks like a small, sturdy rod or miniature portable ram, but it has devastating effects upon portals. The mere touch of the portal demolisher utterly destroys a portal Fort DC 20 negates. A portal demolisher actually carried through a portal intentionally or not destroys it with no save allowed, although the user reaches the other side before the portal is wrecked. A purely neutral N only divine spellcaster who possesses this item can cause a flaming crack to open at the feet of a non-neutral LG, CG, LE, CE divine spellcaster up to feet away.

The intended victim is swallowed up forever and sent hurtling to the center of the earth. If the wielder of the talisman is not exceptionally balanced in the sight of her neutral deity DM's discretion , the non-neutral target gains a DC 19 Reflex saving throw to leap away from the crack. The target must be standing on solid ground for this item to function. A target in the air, in a high tower, or on a ship is immune to the effects of this otherwise potent item.

A talisman of pure neutrality has 7 charges. All other characters are unaffected by the item. Strong transmutation; CL 18th. This book enables a scholar or wizard to take his library with him virtually anywhere. Each of its pages can hold an entire book - even a bulky, heavy, wizard's spellbook. To put a book into the tome of books , the owner simply lays the book on a blank tome page and speaks the filing command word.

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The book disappears, and an illustration of the book appears on the page, along with its title and a brief synopsis of its contents. A book cannot be placed into a page that already stores a book. To get a book out of the tome, the owner must open it to the book's page and speak the retrieving command word. Filing or retrieving a book is a full-round action.

If the tome of books is destroyed, all its stored books are also lost. Strong conjuration; CL 20th; Weight 3 lb. This map shows all the tunnels, caves, and caverns within a foot radius of itself.