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Commission on Undergraduate Education in the Biological Sciences, minutes of meetings, Executive Committee, Contractual and financial management and operation of large residential centers by educational institutions, Dean of students, study of information processing and record keeping activities in office of, Deans' select group Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and small group of others outside the east , Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, annual meeting materials, Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, master plan, phase two controversy, Food service, Hutchinson Commons and C shop, Stouffer's food service management agreement, Gonser and Gerber, bulletins, public relations and fund raising for colleges and universities, Health Information Foundation, negotiations and affiliation with the University of Chicago, Ballard corporation study, Housing and Real Estate, Office of, student housing report, realities and alternatives, autumn Lee, V.

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Expedition 15 Press Kit. Space station: The next logical step Baseline Design. Evolution Concepts. Space Station Freedom media handbook April Soviet space stations as analogs. The Soviet Challenge in Space Soyuz-1 conquers the Cosmos. From outer space by parachute by Valentina Nikolayeva-Tereshkova. A preliminary study of the Soviet civil space program.

Volume 1: Organization and Operations. Brief description of docking device of Soyuz-type spacecraft with internal passageway. The Soyuz-6, Soyuz-7, and Soyuz-8 mission. Mir Hardware Heritage Alternate Source. Technical assessment of Mir-1 life support hardware for the international space station. Quick look report of acceleration measurements on Mir Space Station during Mir Further analysis of the microgravity environment on Mir Space Station during Mir On the history of the stratospheric rocket sonde in the USSR, — On the history of the development of solid-propellant rockets in the Soviet Union.

Aeronautics in Review — Aviation in Historical Perspective.

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Quest for performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft. Compliation of papers summarizing some recent NASA research on manned military aircraft.

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Configuration development study of the XC hypersonic research airplane. Flight Experience with Present Research Airplanes Thompson Alternate Source. The hydrogen-peroxide rocket reaction-control system for the X-1B research airplane. General handling-qualities results obtained during acceptance flight tests of the Bell XS-1 airplane. Measurements of the wing and tail loads during the acceptance tests of bell XS-1 research airplane.

First landing of Bell X-2 research airplane. High-speed landing loads measured on the Douglas X-3 research airplane. Results obtained from second flight of X-4 airplane A. The X research aircraft- research accomplished and planned. X research results with a selected bibliography. Component performance and flight operations of the X research airplane program.

Thermal protection system XA-2 Design report. Description of an energy management system for the X Flight experience with shock impingement and interference heating on the X research airplane. Heat-transfer measurements obtained on the X airplane including correlations with wind-tunnel results.

Review of the X Program, June Experience with the X adaptive flight control system. Structural Dynamics of the X Aircraft. Review of Technology Relating to the X Project. Summary of high-altitude and entry flight control experience with the X airplane. Summary of full-scale lift and drag characteristics of the X airplane.

A study of display systems for manual guidance of large launch vehicles utilizing the X airplane and flight simulators Technical note.

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Research-Airplane-Committee Report on Conference on the progress of the X project: a compilation of the papers presented, held at Langley Aeronautical Lab. Operational experience with x reaction controls. Contributions of the x program to lifting entry technology. Measurements of loads, accelerations, and displacements of x aircraft and landing gear during landing impact. Aerodynamic forces on components of the X airplane. Resume of handling qualities of the X airplane. Landing gear behavior during touchdown of x aircraft. X aircraft with interim engines during high altitude flying.

Flow-field investigations on the X airplane and model up to hypersonic speeds. Instrumentation for the X Structural dynamics of the x aircraft. Hypersonic aerodynamic characteristics of two delta wing X airplane configurations. Operational experience with the x reaction control and reaction augmentation systems. Survey of operation and cost experience of the X airplane as a reusable space vehicle.

Derived stability and control characteristics of x aircraft from flight tests. Transonic aerodynamic characteristics of the dyna-soar glider and Titan 3 launch vehicle configuration with various fin arrangements. Analysis of hypersonic pressure and heat transfer tests on a flat plate with a flap and a delta wing with body, elevons, fins, and rudders Final report. The wind-induced loads on a dynamically scaled model of the Dyna Soar glider and Titan 2 booster in launch position.

Part 2 A compilation of the papers presented. Low-speed aerodynamic characteristics of a model of the DS-1 glider. Wind-tunnel investigation of the stability of jettisoned nose sections of the D airplane : phases I and II. Maximum altitude and maximum Mach number obtained with the modified Douglas DII research airplane during demonstration flights. Measured data pertaining to buffeting at supersonic speeds of the Douglas DII research airplane. Full scale wind tunnel investigation of the HL manned lifting body flight vehicle.

Full-scale wind-tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of the M2-F2 lifting body flight vehicle. Stability and control characteristics of the M2-F2 lifting body measured during 16 glide flights. Operational experiences and characteristics of the M2-F2 lifting body flight control system. Landing characteristics of a dynamic model of the HL manned lifting entry vehicle. Flight-determined stability and control characteristics of the M2-F3 lifting body vehicle. Launch-pad abort capabilities of the HL lifting body. Lift and drag characteristics of the M2-F2 lifting body during subsonic gliding flight.

Advanced Communications Technology Satellite. AIM Factsheet. Results from Alouette 1, Explorer 20, Alouette 2, and Explorer The Alouette II Satellite. ATS-E — Press kit.

ATS-I solar cell radiation damage experiment, first days. Volume 2: Orbit and Attitude Controls. Volume 6: Scientific Experiments. ATS-6 spacecraft: In-flight antenna pattern measurement. Gravity gradient stabilization system for the Applications Technology Satellite Eighth quarterly progress report, 1 Apr.

Ariel I, the first international satellite.