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But a perfectly acceptable HO game. And in terms of it feeling dated, it's not like it's going back to PAC MAN, it's from , and graphics were still good all the way back then.

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For reviewers looking for storyline and character development, I'm sorry but it's called a book. Read one. These games are not Oscar contenders nor are they meant to be. They're played on your phone and iPad. If you want something more involved buy a game console. I understand frustrations with games that are super short or just plain don't work. But the reviews for this one are unnecessarily bitter. Why are you assuming there's some perfect cloud of perfect games that big fish isn't giving you?

They're just a distributor, they don't make them, they don't quality control them, they aren't the boss of the shops who do make them. Take your complaints there, if you're so upset with quality. If not for a terrible teleport map, which only indicated available actions occasionally and objectives everywhere so you had to run around constantly , this was a game really amazing game. The graphics were magnificent, the only collectibles were paw prints, there was a plethora of tasks at each location, and you could disenchant the denizens and create spells.

The HO scenes had an amazing variety and some were more like puzzles. As far as mini-games and puzzles, they were plentiful and there was something for everyone. This game was extremely lengthy and had a very long bonus adventure as well. Restore the picture C.

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Press the tokens D-G. Charge the crystal ball. Walk down and left. Walk down 2x; go forward. Move the spider along the marked path U.

Walk down, left, and forward. Select the Icy Book H. Restore the picture.

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Walk on the right path. Place the pieces on the rim J in order Select matching pairs color-coded. Walk down, left and forward. Walk down 2x; go right.

Select the water B. Drag the boat along the path, avoiding the icebergs C. Drag the boat along the path, avoiding the icebergs and wrecks D. Go forward. Arrange the feathers as shown O. Use the FAN P. Return to the Book. Select the book Q.

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Select the pairs of runes color-coded. Talk to the Nymph C. Select the stump E. Select the drops Note the token mini-game I. Move the curtain L. Walk down twice. Walk down, forward, right 2x, and forward. Walk down 4x; go right. Play the HOP B.

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Walk down and right. This mini-game has random movements. Our solution H. Walk down 3x. Walk right 2x. Select the scroll and rune; play the HOP and charge the crystal ball. Walk right and forward.

Walk down 4x. Walk forward, right, and forward. Walk right and go forward 2x. Take the MUG I. Try to open the lamp J. Connect the leaves as shown L. Walk forward and right. Restore the picture T. Walk down and select the mini-game C. Place the tiles as shown D.

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